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Window Treatment Automation & Integration

Window Treats is proud to enhance your custom window treatments with Window Treatment Automation.  With our Automation options, your window treatments can be customized to adjust throughout the day in order to maximize energy efficiency and optimize view.

Window Treatment Automation provides convenience and comfort, as well as providing an energy-efficient place to work and live. Having Automated Window Treatments are an effective way to create an appealing space, with just a simple touch of a button.

Window Treatment Automation offers many benefits for commercial and high-end residential use, including:


  • Convenience – Motorized shades can be powered in several different ways.  Simple 24V power can be used for power and communication to the shades, which eliminates the line voltage hassle and added labor costs.  Or, 12V power can be used to control the shades with wireless communication.  Lastly, shades can be battery powered with wireless communication for a completely wire free installation.
  • Style -Available in roller shade or insulating honeycomb shades, horizontal sheer shades, Venetian and Roman shades skylight shades, and tensioned shades.  We offer a wide variety of beautiful colors, fabrics, and textures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space.
  • Energy-Efficient – Lower shades in the summer to insulate your space and help reduce your cooling costs.  Raise them in the winder and let the sun in during the day to heat the home or office.  Lower them again at night to trap the day’s heat in.  Electronically controlled shades are the essential element to energy-saving light strategies in a commercial environment.  Shades working in concert with dimmable lights can reduce a building’s lighting energy consumption by up to 70%.  Products such as the Lutron Quantum total light management system, with Hyperion solar-adaptive shading are revolutionizing the relationship of a building’s interiors through the building management system (BMS) to the dynamic nature of natural light and occupants’ needs.
  • Manage Light Levels – At times of the day when the sun is high, it can create a glare, interfering with your business or day-to-day activities.  Simply with a touch of a button, shades can be automatically positioned based on time of day and weather conditions, or controlled for personal adjustment.
  • Manage Your Privacy – Window Treatment Automation allows for one-touch privacy, just like your lighting fixtures.

Total light control

In collaboration with our integration partners, lighting control systems seamlessly integrate with shading systems, offering intuitive control of both electric light and daylight.

Simplified wiring

Systems are low-voltage and operate at a near silent level ( rated at 38 dbA at three feet ).  Shades move smoothly and stop at up to 250 preset positions with no audible clicks.

Ultra-quiet electronic drive
Systems are low-voltage and operate at a near-silent level (rated at 44 dBA at three feet). Shades move smoothly and stop at preset positions with no audible clicks.


Window Treats’ experienced team of in-home decorators and craftsmen will measure your windows, evaluate your current space, and offer suggestions for new window treatments that best suit your individual needs. Almost all Window Treatments can be customized for automation, including shutters, blinds and draperies.

For more information on our high-end residential or commercial Window Treatment Automation Services, contact us today, where our professional team will help incorporate your personal style and budget into an Automated Window Treatment System that best meets your needs.